13-year-old pupil kicked by means of instructor for no longer doing homework, youngster killed?

Agency. A student has died after being beaten by a teacher in Rajasthan, India. A 7th class student has died after being beaten by a teacher of a private school in Salasar village of Chilu district.

The teacher was angry with the 13-year-old student for not doing his homework. Omprakash, father of the deceased Ganesh Kolasar, had lodged a complaint informing about the incident. Ganesh had repeatedly told his father that teacher Manoj had beaten him without any reason.

As usual, Ganesh had gone to school on Wednesday. Teacher Manoj had called Omprakash at around 9.30 in the morning. He had informed on the phone that Ganesh had not done his homework. The teacher also informed that Ganesh fainted after he was beaten.

After that, Omprakash, who was terrified, found out more about the incident. Manoj said that Ganesh was pretending to be dead. Then Omprakash reached the school. His wife had already reached school. The students of the class had said that the teacher had kicked Ganesh and beaten him severely. He was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries but could not be rescued. Police have arrested the accused teacher.


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