Acharya’s submit as Leader Minister was once finalized simplest on Sunday

5 October, Biratnagar. The vote of confidence of Chief Minister of State 1 Bhim Acharya will be held only on Sunday.

In the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee of the Provincial Assembly of Province 1 on Friday, it was agreed to vote on the no-confidence motion only on Sunday.

Speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari adjourned the meeting after Chief Minister Acharya tabled a motion of no-confidence in the state assembly on Friday. Now, the discussion and division of votes on the proposal will take place on Sunday, October 25. A meeting has been called for that on November 22 at 12 noon.

Acharya, who became the chief minister from the CPN-UML, has lost a majority in the state assembly after the UML split and formed the CPN-Unified Socialist Party.


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