Booklet for implementation of introduced instructional techniques made public

5 October, Kathmandu. The booklet has been made public for the implementation of the educational programs announced through the budget.

The Education and Human Resource Development Center has made public the program implementation booklet 2078/79. The booklet has been brought to implement the educational program and policy set to upgrade Nepal to a middle-income country by 2022 and help achieve the goal of sustainable development by 2030.

The booklet has been prepared with the objective of ensuring access to education for all citizens by making the basis of human capital education quality, vital, vocational and technology friendly. There is a saying.

The implementation booklet states that the Government of Nepal will provide a minimum monthly salary of Rs.

In addition, free broadband internet service in community schools, effective implementation of alternative teaching-learning action plan, operation of secondary level residential schools in Himalayan districts, color textbooks for children studying up to class nine in public schools, Braille textbooks for blind children will be implemented.

In the implementation booklet, it has been mentioned that the main program of education, one school, one health worker policy has been implemented with the help of modern technology.

In the current Fiscal Year, conditional grant for the local level has provided the approved posts of the community school level for the local level and the salary allowance of the teaching staff working in the grant, textbooks, school operation materials, cost per student grant, scholarship.

It is claimed in the booklet that most of the educational programs and budget have been made available at the local level, including expansion of school facilities, free sanitary pad management for female students studying in public schools.


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