I’ve come to the Ministry with a one-point schedule for the introduction of a brilliant Lumbini state: Minister Rana

Butwal, Kartik 5. Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Bir Bahadur Rana of the Lumbini state government has said that he has come to the ministry with a one-point agenda for the creation of a bright Lumbini state. He said that he would start with a small area and work with the campaign to establish Lumbini as a bright state.

Speaking at an interview program organized by Reporters Club Nepal Lumbini Provincial Office Butwal on Friday, Minister Rana said that there was no excuse to delay the government as it was formed as a result of the situation. Stating that political parties and people’s representatives need to be vigilant, Minister Rana said that the time has come for the people to be attracted towards politics. Recalling that the state government was formed due to the situation, Minister Rana also expressed his commitment to work based on the needs and aspirations of the people. “People’s expectations are very high. We have come to do the work with the people at the center. He said.

Minister Rana said that the state government has already started work for the direct relief of the farmers affected by the rains. He also said that the state government would provide immediate relief to the farmers affected by the floods.

Speaking in the interview program, central member of CPN-Unified Socialists and Rupendehi district in-charge Dr. Bal Krishna Chapagain said that the progressive forces had succeeded in thwarting the attempt to trap the constitution obtained from the long struggle. He also expressed confidence that the country would now move forward by ousting the partisans.

Roshan Puri, general secretary of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, said that it was ironic that the current government was trying to continue the law brought by the previous government to control the media. He called for the return of such bills, saying that they would not be valid if the laws were passed against the spirit of the right to full press freedom given by the constitution. He stressed on the need for the state and district branches of the Federation of Nepali Journalists to be vigilant as the state governments are also trying to follow the control-oriented laws that the federation is trying to follow.

General Secretary of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), Suraj Bhandari, stressed that journalism should not fail to continuously monitor the stakeholders. He said that it was necessary to make journalism more professional.

On the occasion, the club congratulated Suraj Bhandari on his election as the General Secretary of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ). Newly elected General Secretary Bhandari has been honored with a certificate and food. The interview program was chaired by the state president of the club Ram Kumar Chhetri and conducted by Tejendra KC.


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