Sunil Shetty to behave in Nepali movie ‘X9’, how a lot does he receives a commission?

Kathmandu. Bollywood hero Sunil Shetty will act in the Nepali film ‘X9’. Director Mukunda Bhatt has informed that Sunil Shetty is ready to act in the film.

Anmol KC will be the lead actor in this film. Similarly, Pushpa Khadka, Saugat Malla, Raj Katuwal and Anup Vikram Shahi will also act in the film. The film is already in the news because of the cast.

Earlier, it was reported that Bollywood hero Sonu Sud was offered a negative role in the film. Director Bhatt posted a picture with actor Sunil Shetty on social network Facebook stating that Shetty is the finalist for ‘X9’. He also said in the post that the film will be announced soon.

The story of the film, which is said to be shot in Canada, Europe and Nepal, has been prepared by director Bhatt and King Yogi. Priyanka Thapa will be the solo actress in the film to be produced by Golden Hills Picture.

The film, produced by Rajiv Tamang, Viren Kunwar, Subodh Bhatt and Gokul Kunwar, is said to be released on the 10th of 2079 BS. It is rumored that Shetty has asked for Rs 1.5 crore for the film.


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