The lady, who gave start to twins, gave start to seven youngsters on the similar time for the second one time

Kathmandu. Today, the use of birth control pills is on the rise. As the use of birth control pills increases, so does the use of birth control pills. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the Pakistani city of Abbottabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a couple has given birth to seven children while taking birth control pills.

As the health condition of the pregnant wife deteriorated, they went to the hospital for a check-up. Earlier, the parents of two children, Yar Mohammad and his wife, gave birth to seven children at the same time and now they have nine children.

The doctor said that the stitches and uterus of the wife, who had given birth to two previous daughters by caesarean section, would rupture and endanger the life of the mother and the child.

1 hour[ल्यक्रि[या गरेर बच्चा बाहिर निकालिएको समाचारमा जनाइएको छ । समाचारमा जनाइए अनुसार गर्भाधारण गर्नका लागि औषधिको सेवन गर्नाले यसरी ठूलो संख्यामा एकसाथ गर्भ रहन पुगेको हो । औषधिका कारण एकसाथ एकभन्दा धेरै डिम्बहरु पाक्ने हुनाले जुम्ल्याहा वा त्यो भन्दा धेरै संख्यामा बच्चाको भ्रूण बन्ने भएका कारण एकसाथ यति धेरै बच्चा बसेको चिकित्सकले जनाएका छन् ।


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