Those are those who were given the bundle of Rs 6 million from Google. In spite of everything, what does this younger girl do?

Google, the world’s largest software company, has offered him a job. The girl lives in Sultanganj of Bhagalpur district, her name is Shalini Jha.

Shalini’s grandfather was the head of the chemistry department at Murarka College. Prof. Umeshwar Jha was there, while his father’s name is Kameshwar Jha. Shalini Jha is currently living in Delhi. In a few days she will come to Bhagalpur, Saharsa and Madhepura, only then she will join Google.

She continued her studies with Google Join. Google, on the other hand, has offered Shalini the opportunity to work as a software engineer. Shalini is the first daughter of Bhagalpur district to be selected in Google. Shalini is only 21 years old, and she has been offered an annual package of Rs 6 million by Google.

According to reports, Shalini is inspired by her father. His father says that education is a penance, who has done this penance with full devotion and concentration, he will be happy and satisfied in the second phase of life.

Shalini said that her mother, sister and brother have trusted her at every step. Not only that, she says, her grandmother’s love and blessings have brought her here, she always told her son you have to show something.

Shalini’s uncle said that Shalini is currently pursuing her final year in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women.

It is a matter of great pride and joy that this daughter of the organ sector has achieved great things at such a young age due to her extraordinary talent and hard work, and has brought the name of the district together with her family.

Shalini Jha said she had also received an offer from the Australian software company Atlasian for a placement drive on campus from the college, also for a package of Rs 51.5 lakh. He then did a two-month internship with data storage company Western Digital, after which he received a pre-employment offer. But Shalini applied for an off-campus effort at Google and after seven rounds of interviews, she was selected for the position of software engineer, in which she was offered an annual package of Rs 6 million.

Shalini said that now that she has completed her studies, she will join Google as a software engineer. Apart from studying, Shalini loves to watch cricket, not only that, she also likes to play badminton and chess. She believes that just studying for eight to 10 hours is not difficult. Not only this, she is also very interested in reading Gita and Ramcharitamanas.


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