UML has risen for the ‘conference to copy Oli’ management

Kathmandu, 5 October. The process of the CPN-UML General Convention is moving forward from 6 October. Ward level conventions across the country are being held on Saturday.

More than one million active members of the UML will participate in the ward convention. After the UML split, the process of the general convention is moving forward.

Ward conventions have been shifted to flood and landslide affected areas. Preparations have been made to hold the convention in the relocated area within 15 October.

UML will select representatives from 6,745 wards across the country. Central committees and office bearers will be selected from the wards through the municipalities, regions and districts.

Municipal conventions in 53 local bodies are scheduled to be held on December 25. One representative equal to 5 or 10 organized members will be elected from the municipality.

A meeting of the Central Committee will decide on the number of delegates to be elected from each of the 165 constituencies for the election of the UML General Convention delegates.

The UML has made provision for 15 members including 1 chairperson, 5 vice chairpersons including senior vice chairperson, 1 general secretary, 1 deputy general secretary and 7 secretaries.

It is almost certain that KP Sharma Oli will be elected as the chairman. The UML’s constitution has been amended to allow him to become the chairperson. According to which, the age limit has been kept up to 70 years, but if the chairman is elected at the age of 70 years, the age limit will not be imposed for the entire term.

The UML General Convention is scheduled to be held in Chitwan on December 26, 27 and 28.


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