“Your include is my house,” stated Indira, embracing Sharad.

Kathmandu. Singer Indira Joshi made her boyfriend public a few days ago. She made her love public through the social network Instagram. At that time, Indira, who did not reveal her boyfriend, surprised everyone at once. Her boyfriend Sharad Kedia reached Khumbu in a helicopter and proposed to her.

They took advantage of the opportunity to charter a helicopter for a different event. Indira happily accepted Kedia as her future husband. Indira and Sharad have turned the meeting three years ago into love. Although they are not ready for the wedding, they are talking about engagement.

Singer Indira Joshi has got an engagement with fashion designer Sharad Kedia. Sharad took Indira to Khumbu in a helicopter and exchanged rings. Indira has posted on her Facebook status that Sharad has proposed marriage to her and she has said OK.

She has even posted various pictures of Sharad wearing a ring. Sharad and Indira, who work as fashion designers, have been in love for the last two years.

Sharad Pesa is a fashion designer who got engaged to popular singer Indira from the item song Udhre Ko Choli of the movie ‘Loot’. Running a fashion store in Kathmandu, Naxal, she specializes in making various new designs of dresses.


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