2 hundred hectares of paddy crop destroyed via rain and wind in Myagdi

In Myagdi, 200 hectares of paddy fields have been damaged due to unseasonal rains and strong winds. According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, Myagdi, the paddy crop has been damaged due to rain and strong winds from the night of September 16 to the morning of October 19. According to the records of Agriculture Knowledge Center, Myagdi, paddy is cultivated in an area of ​​3,892 hectares in the district. According to Kiran Sigdel, senior horticulture development officer at Krishi Gyan Kendra, Myagdi, the paddy has been soaked in water and damaged. “As per the preliminary details, 200 hectares of land has been damaged. We are also collecting more details,” said Officer Sigdel.

According to Officer Sigdel, the paddy harvested in Lekali area of ​​the district has been damaged due to five days of continuous rains.

According to the local farmers, the paddy planted in the districts of Ratnechaur, Bagarphant, Faparkhet, Garapani, Khabara, Seem, Babiyachaur, Pulachaur, Arman, Kuhu and Devisthan has been damaged. The farmers had hoped that the paddy production would increase this year as compared to the previous year due to adequate rainfall during the planting season, no outbreak of pests and diseases in the paddy and access to irrigation facilities.

Similarly, according to the center, 57 hectare area of ​​vegetable farming has also been damaged. According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, vegetables have been cultivated in an area of ​​1,130 hectares in Myagdi this year. Out of the 2,705 hectares of millet cultivation, 83 hectares have been damaged, according to the Center.

In Myagdi, advanced varieties of paddy including Gauriya, Jetho Budho, Jarneli, Pahele, Marsi, Takmare, Bhatte, Chamrung, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna 3, Khumal 4, Khumal 10 and Lumle 2 are cultivated. According to the statistics of the center, 4,000 metric tons of paddy is produced annually. In the high hilly areas of the district, paddy is cultivated on steep lands and without the need for irrigation.

Recently, the attraction of farmers towards the use of agricultural tools and equipment has increased. They have started using mini trailers and tractors as an alternative to oxen. Tractors and mini-trailers have been used to transplant barren plows in large and field fields. Farmer Bhim Bahadur Rijal of Bagarphant said that the work would be faster as tractors and mini-trailers could complete the field in one hour. Last year, 13,626 metric tonnes of paddy was produced in 3,925 hectares.


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