4-year participant signed with Arsenal

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English club Arsenal has made history by signing a four-year-old boy to the club. The club has signed 4-year-old Jian Al Salman. He became the first player in the history of the club to join at an early age.

The child shows extraordinary ability. Some have even said that it would not be appropriate to join a professional football club at such a young age. But the child’s father’s opinion is different from others. The boy’s father said: “Arsenal have no problem with age. They also think the child has more talent. ‘

Gian’s coach, Austin Sochofield, also believes he has more potential than his age. The coach said, ‘We put him with other kids the same age. But he looked the best. He is fast. He excels at scoring goals and passing. And when I suggested to his father to continue the game, he said yes. ‘

Arsenal’s talent selector Stephen Dennis is impressed with Gian’s ability. ‘What he is doing cannot be done at his age. I saw her and confirmed to her that she was four years old. I can’t believe she’s still in the nursery, “he said.” Then I talked to her parents and watched a few sessions. He is not a fluke. ‘

He looks happy talking about Gian, and is asked to wear his favorite club jersey.


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