Abnormal number of cash for beginning registration: College enrollment stopped because of non-availability

-Sanjit Kumar Mandal Jaleshwor, October 22: Rinku Devi of Matihani Municipality-5 of Mahottari has reached the age of four children. However, they have not been able to get admission in the school due to lack of birth certificate. Birth registration has been made mandatory for school enrollment.

Rinku has been working in the ward office for the past one year to enroll her children in the school. However, she has not been able to give birth. Rinku claims that the ward chairman and the computer operator demanded Rs. “Their children have not been able to enroll in school due to lack of birth certificate,” he said. According to him, ward chairman Ram Bahadur Mahato and computer operator Abul Rain have said that it would cost Rs 10,000 to register the birth of their four children. But because I can’t afford to pay that amount, my children have to live without birth.

Rinku, who is in the throes of poverty and deprivation, has paid Rs 1,000 eight months ago even though she did not pay the amount demanded by ward chairman Mahato and computer operator Rai.

Like him, local Ram Narayan Yadav has also demanded Rs 10,000 from the ward chairman and computer operator when he went to register the birth of his two children. He said that he was poor and could not afford to pay that much. “I went to the ward office many times to get a birth certificate, but I couldn’t get one,” he said. Ward Chairman Mahato says that a birth certificate cannot be issued without bringing Rs 10,000. ” He claimed that he took a loan at 36 percent interest rate in the village and paid Rs 10,000 to computer operator Abul.

Similarly, Urmila Yadav, a local, alleged that she paid Rs. Similarly, Bhanu Yadav, a local, alleged that the ward chairperson and the computer operator demanded Rs 10,000 when he reached the ward office to register the marriage of his speechless wife and give birth to his three children. Despite repeated requests that he was a breadwinner and did not have much money, he could not get a marriage certificate or a birth certificate. He complained that he could not register his marriage and birth certificate even after visiting the ward office several times for the past one year due to lack of money.

These are just some of the representative events. There is an allegation of the locals that there is no work for anyone in the ward unless they are paid irregularly for any work. After the locals lodged a complaint against Ward Chairman Mahato and computer operator Rhine at the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority in Bardibas, the team of the Commission arrested Ward Chairman Mahato with a bribe of Rs 10,000.

A team led by the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) arrested Ward Chairman Mahato while he was taking a bribe of Rs 10,000, said Bardibas spokesperson Kamal Kumar Adhikari. Ward Chairman Mahato had demanded a bribe of Rs. 10,000 to get the birth certificate of a service recipient. It has been found that the people’s representatives and employees of Matihani Municipality have been charging maximum amount for making birth registration and other registration certificates in violation of government rules and regulations.

Locals allege that most of the ward offices of the municipality charge Rs. 500 to Rs. Locals have complained that they are committing thousands of irregularities in obtaining such certificates for registration on a daily basis. There is a provision of free registration of birth, death, marriage and other social traditional registration within 35 days. After that, there is a government provision to register with a fine of Rs 50. The locals say that the local level should provide the receipt after paying the fine but they do not give the receipt.

Due to lack of birth registration, some children have been deprived of government services and other rights.रासस / File Photo


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