After profitable the election, Mira, who changed into the vice-chairperson of Indravati village, misplaced to most cancers

Sindhupalchowk: Mira Lama Adhikari, vice-chairperson of Indravati village municipality of the district, died on Saturday morning while undergoing treatment. Adhikari, who is also the wife of Congress district president Vikas Lama, had been battling cancer for a long time.

According to Indravati Village Municipality Chairman Vansalal Tamang, he died at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj at 7 am on Saturday. The 51-year-old officer has three daughters.

Similarly, the Department of Cooperatives has integrated more than 100 cooperatives in the last two years. More than 100 cooperatives in Kathmandu Valley and outside the Kathmandu Valley with the same objective and same jurisdiction have been integrated to form 50.

Cooperatives that have not been able to provide services for a long time after registration have been adjusted. According to the Unification and Division Directive, 2077, different cooperatives can be united. There is a legal provision that a cooperative that wants to be united has to submit an application to the department. Cooperatives have been integrated on the basis of the same directive. Currently, there are 30,000 cooperatives across the country. Savings and credit cooperatives have the highest number of adjustments.

Sandesh Joshi, branch officer of the department, informed the RSS that the department has reduced the number of cooperatives but the quality of service has been reduced. According to Joshi, only a few cooperatives have been integrated in the last two years as the department has not been able to unify them by making it compulsory.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has also taken forward the task of reducing the number of cooperatives within its jurisdiction by unifying them based on the constitutional provision. At present, there are 1,849 cooperatives in the party. Work is underway to reduce the number to 700.

As per the constitutional provision, all the Division Cooperative Offices of the country have been abolished from July 20, 2075 BS and the concerned local level has to regulate the cooperatives.

KAMPA has already given permission to two cooperatives for unification in the first two months of the current fiscal year. As there are many small cooperatives operating outside the standards, an integrated system has been adopted to manage them properly. According to the Cooperatives Act, 2074 BS and the Cooperatives Act, 2074 BS, there is a provision to integrate legally.


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