After the reviewer threatened to make the picture and video public, he was once surprised and published that there was once a written settlement of marriage

Kathmandu. The movie world is the world of the most talk, gossip and controversy. Every moment something related to this field that comes up in the discussion or controversy does not come up in the gossip.

The love affair between the protagonist and the heroine of the film becomes a matter of interest for many. For the media, this is the dose. There are new episodes in Nepali cinema too. Extensive discussion and debate begins on social media.

In recent days, two artists are at the peak of discussion in the Nepali cinema world. They are Nayak Pal Shah and Singer Review Officer. If only there was talk of love between them, many would think it was normal. Because Paul’s name is associated with most of the actresses he has worked with. But things have changed.

Her name is associated with many female actors who have collaborated in films or music videos. The last time an emerging singer review officer approached her was with Jillian.

Paul and Samiksha had been close for 6-7 months. It is because of this closeness that both of them are now arguing with the media. Their close relationship during the shooting of the song ‘Surti Maddai’ has taken a new turn.

It is said that the problem arose when Paul did not take the love with the review seriously. But the review, which has just reached the heights of her career, fell in love with Paul. The tension between the two has increased after Paul started ignoring the review during his short time in love.

The reviewer is angry when Paul tries to leave the review. It is rumored that they even threatened each other. Sources close to him said that the reviewer had threatened to take out the photos, videos and even a police case against Paul if he did not accept his love affair. The moment he created the image of a real hero among the audience was shocked.

Paul is aware of the Nepali fans who do a good job and die when they make a mistake. There is a danger of ‘one mistake, career end’ in the field of Nepali art. Paul’s fan following is also good. On top of that, the 17-year-old will be legally vulnerable as he is a minor.

So he is understood to be ready to compromise. It has been revealed that Paul offered Rs 10 million to the review to keep the matter secret. But this has not been confirmed. Well, most of the news in the world of cinema is unconfirmed.

But the review of true love did not fall into Paul’s temptation. After that, it is said that there was a verbal understanding of marriage between them under the guidance of a former home secretary who is a relative of the reviewer. It has been revealed that a written understanding was also reached in the presence of the two families and the journalist. After two years, the review has become a paper to get married as soon as he becomes an adult.

But Paul has been saying that this is just a rumor. Saying that the review considers himself a guardian, Nayak has argued that there would be more unnecessary controversy when responding to the rumors. The reviewer did not comment on the issue. Let them know the truth about the incident.


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