After the use of this sort of drug, 7 kids have been born without delay!

Kathmandu. We knew in the womb that more than one child was in the womb. As soon as his wife’s health deteriorated, the private clinic where we were treating her advised us to go to the hospital. This is according to Yar Mohammad, a father of seven children in Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. She is happy.

Following the advice of a private clinic, they rushed to the Jinnah International Hospital in Abbottabad, where Allah gave them four sons and three daughters. The Mohammed couple are residents of Batgram. At present, the health condition of mothers and newborns is stable, the hospital said.

The Mohammed couple already have two daughters. Now she has seven children and nine children. How to raise so many children? But Mohammed is not worried. As they live in a joint family, they are confident that their children will grow up with the help of everyone.

According to a doctor at Jinnah Hospital in Abbottabad, Mohammed’s wife, who was brought to the hospital last Saturday, had an ultrasound and estimated that she had at least five children in her womb. But the woman’s health condition was very bad.

The blood pressure had increased dramatically and the abdomen was very swollen. She had given birth to two daughters earlier by caesarean section and was in great pain. Therefore, there was even a risk of death of the mother and the child.

Therefore, the doctors of the hospital immediately discussed and prepared for his surgery. The operation lasted for an hour. Even the surgery became very complicated and dangerous. Because her stomach, womb, and piss were tied together. Doctors managed to remove seven babies one by one from the uterus very carefully.

According to doctors, taking drugs to conceive can lead to a large number of pregnancies. Because of the drug, having more than one egg at a time can lead to twins or more. Doctors have estimated that the woman may have had seven children in her womb because she did not take birth control pills.


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