All-round dialogue of the track ‘Ramaram Maruti’ starring actress Puja Sharma

Medicinal plant Maruti. The song of ‘Ram Ram Maruti, Timro Rupai Karaunti’ is in the news now.

Similarly, I am not a ‘superheroine’: Rekha Thapa: The film industry became controversial over the title of ‘superhero and superheroine’. Some argued that Bhuvan KC, not Rajesh Hamal, was entitled to the title of ‘Superhero’, while others questioned the title given to Karishma Manandhar. A large group of spectators and filmmakers consider Rajesh Hamal as the ‘superhero’ and Rekha Thapa as the ‘superheroine’.

However, actress Rekha Thapa has said that the controversy over the title is in vain and she is not a ‘superhero’. “I respect the opinion of the audience,” she said. But, the artist is always a learner. I still have a lot to learn. We work in Navras. We are learning people. Character and acting are not the same in one film as in another. ‘

Rekha said that they could not be human beings and that this Juni alone would not be enough to confirm the word ‘great’. “There is no point in this controversy,” she said. It’s like an empty timepass. It would be better if the audience ignored such controversy. She said that she was trying to be a good person.

He says that there is still a lot to learn in the field of film as an actor, director and producer and if he can do good deeds as a good person, it will be a great award for him. Actress Thapa, who has recently started believing in astrology, has been told by astrologers that 2079 is the year of marriage. “I’m going to bring Joila (the boy ran away),” she said jokingly.


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