Asian Buffalo Convention by means of digital way

6 September, Chitwan. The 10th Asian Buffalo Conference will be held through virtual media. The conference is being organized with the objective of contributing to the development and empowerment of buffalo breeding through the latest scientific research, research and dissemination technology on buffalo breeding, management, marketing and utilization.

The organizers of the international conference are Rampur University of Agriculture and Forest Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Asian Buffalo Association and International Buffalo Federation. Chairman of the 10th Asian Buffalo Congress Organizing Committee, Prada Bhuminandan Devkota, informed that the conference will be held through virtual method.

According to Chairman Devkota on Saturday, experts from 17 countries will present more than 135 working papers in seven categories at the buffalo conference. The conference will be attended by more than 350 scientists. Discussions will be held for five days with the participation of scientists, professors and students. Devkota informed that there will be in-depth discussions on the latest research on buffalo breeding, management, health, marketing and utility.

The buffalo conference, which was held locally in Sauraha in 2017, was held in India in 2018. The University of Agriculture and Forest Sciences and the then Institute of Agricultural and Animal Sciences have been contributing to the field of nutrition, management, diagnosis and treatment and non-seasonal breeding technology by focusing on buffalo research in the fields of animal science and veterinary medicine.

Out-of-season breeding technology has been found to have about 47 percent production capacity. The university is studying to bring the off-season breeding work to the farmer’s barn. Devkota said that the university will also present a working paper on new research in buffalo production.

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Mahendra Ray Yadav is scheduled to inaugurate the conference through virtual medium. Vice Chancellor of the University P.D. Punya Prasad Regmi said that the conference would be successful in uplifting the hidden animal husbandry in Nepal.

He expressed confidence that the international level scientific conference would make a significant contribution to the expansion of animal husbandry. He opined that the use of new technology and research would help the economy as buffaloes are considered as black gold.

It is estimated that buffaloes account for about 65 percent of milk production and 55 percent of meat production in Nepal. Since the conference in Nepal in 2017, the university has been working on a long-term plan for buffalo research. It was informed on the occasion that a buffalo research center is being set up for this purpose. The conference is expected to help in exchanging knowledge and skills through a network of scientists.

There are about 5.2 million buffaloes in Nepal. Among the local castes, buffaloes of Lime, Parkote, Gaddi and Terai castes and Murra castes have been reared in the hills. Chairman Devkota informed that buffalo breeding of imported hybrid breeds has been on the rise in Nepal recently. The buffalo is considered a versatile animal as its meat and skin are used even after weaning.


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