At age 70, she gave start to her first kid

A woman in Gujarat, India has given birth to her first child at the age of 70. The woman from Kuch district of Gujarat gave birth to a child through in vitro fertilization (IVF) method.

Jibuben Balabhai Rabari, a resident of Mora village in Rapar taluka, and her husband Baljibhai Rabari, 75, were married 45 years ago. After getting married and having no children, they underwent various treatments. No matter what they did, they did not have children.

In her old age, she told the doctor that she planned to have children through IVF. Doctors reminded Jibuben not to take the risk of getting pregnant at this age. But the Rabari couple were very eager for children. They did not follow the doctor’s advice.

After that, the doctors gave her medicine and made her menstrual cycle regular. Dr. Naresh Bhanushali, a gynecologist involved in the birth of the Rabari couple, said, “We have worked to widen the uterus, which has shrunk due to old age.” Then we fertilized the egg and prepared a blastocyst and put it in the uterus. ‘

After two weeks, sonography showed that the fetus had developed in the uterus of 70-year-old Jibuben, said Dr. Bhanushali. After that, the doctors continued to monitor him regularly. No problem was seen in him. Due to the problem of high blood pressure seen in old age, the doctors operated and gave birth to the baby within 8 months. Jibuben gave birth to her first child last month. According to the doctor, the health of both the mother and the child is normal after the birth of the child.

From the Times of India


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