China’s caution to US: Overseas intervention in Taiwan factor isn’t appropriate

Agency, 6 October. China has warned the United States that foreign intervention in the Taiwan issue is unacceptable. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a news conference on Friday that “Taiwan is an integral part of China.”

He clarified that since the Taiwan issue is an internal matter of China, foreign intervention in it is not acceptable. China has reacted sharply after US President Joe Biden said the United States would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. On Friday, President Biden said China would defend Taiwan if it invaded. But the White House later said there was no change in US policy on Taiwan. The United States has long pursued a policy of “strategic ambiguity” over Taiwan’s defense.

There is no clear US policy on what to do if China invades Taiwan. The United States has been providing Taiwan with a variety of defense weapons. The United States has maintained defense ties with Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act. Biden said he was not worried about China, Russia and other countries increasing their military power. “China, Russia and the rest of the world know that we have the most powerful military power in history,” he said.

Under the “One China” policy, the United States has acknowledged Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan. In recent days, China has flown warplanes over Taiwan. Chinese President Xi Jinping also said that unification with Taiwan was inevitable. He further said, “Taiwan is the undisputed territory of China. The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affair. No foreign intervention is allowed.Photo: Agency

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