Collective buffalo breeding marketing campaign after the cowshed began getting empty

October 6, Waling. The villagers here are collectively engaged in buffalo breeding business. The locals of Bagalthok village of Waling Municipality-8 of Syangja have registered a group and started buffalo rearing through the same group.

The villagers have registered ‘Navdurga Milk Producers Group’ in Waling Municipality towards the end of 2076 BS and started raising buffaloes at the beginning of 2077 BS, said Chairman Reema Kanti Bagale. According to Baga, the group has been raising buffaloes since last year.

“Even though the group has been registered to include 30 households in the village, not all of them have participated in the initial phase,” said Chairman Bagale. In the initial phase, 14 people started buffalo breeding with an investment of Rs 5.1 million by taking a loan of Rs 2.1 million at the rate of Rs 300,000 each and Rs 3 million through a group.

“Lately, we have started a buffalo breeding campaign collectively after the cowsheds in the houses started getting empty,” said Vice President Pradip Bagale. You are about to leave. ” Vice-Chairman Pradip said that the concept of collectivity has been put forward as there is no need for milk but buffaloes can be reared at home.

After all the houses in the village have joined the group, it has become easier for them to plant the grass needed for buffalo rearing, build a cowshed, build the necessary physical infrastructure and also exchange skills while working in the group. “We are now planning to displace cowsheds in every house and build gardens or orchards in all the houses,” said Vice President Pradip. The villagers are also excited. ”

The group, which started with 14 advanced breeds of buffaloes, now has 29 cows, both small and large. The group is preparing to operate advanced cow rearing and milk production sub-project with the support of Nepal Live Sector Innovation Project, Decentralized Project Unit Pokhara.

Bharat Bagale, manager of the group, informed that the group is working on advanced cow rearing, procurement and milk production, construction of modern cowsheds, purchase of modern tools and machines, purchase of equipment, construction of food warehouses, construction of biogas plants.

The sub-project will have to be completed by mid-July with a total cost sharing of Rs. 1,48,61,272 by the Government of Nepal, Prabhu Bank and the group. At present, about 90 liters of milk is being produced daily. Manager Bharat said that 27,000 liters of milk was sold through this group last year.

“Under the sub-project, we are still moving forward with a wide and wide range,” said Manager Bharat. We will do it. ” Manager Bharat said that they are confident of moving ahead as a model as they are preparing to build a biogas plant under the sub-project and connect it to some houses.

Ward Chairman of Ward No. 8, Kamal Prasad Subedi, said that he has taken this as a new and exemplary campaign as the villagers are moving towards cow rearing collectively. “This kind of new and innovative work is a matter of pride for the ward as well,” said ward chairman Subedi.

Ward Chairman Subedi said that the ward and municipality are with the farmers to solve the problems that may arise during the operation of the business. He also urged the wards and municipalities to move forward with confidence as they are ready to solve the problems of the farmers.


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