Cricket Global Cup: Sturdy opponents India and Pakistan conflict

Kathmandu, 6 October. India and Pakistan are set to face each other in the ICC T20 World Cup tomorrow (Sunday) after nearly two years.

Tensions between the two countries have led to a two-year-old ICC match between the two teams. The two teams that played in 2019 will start competing on Sunday.
India and Pakistan are in the same group in the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup.

The match, which will be played at the Dubai International Stadium on Sunday, is being watched with great interest by world cricket. The game will start at 8 pm Nepali time. Pakistan have lost to India in all five matches of the T20 World Cup so far.

In tomorrow’s match, Pakistan wants to break their losing streak and win while India wants to maintain its unbeaten run. Looking at the recent performance of Pakistan in T20 cricket, Pakistan does not look so weak. However, India also wants to make a good start in the competition by fielding a strong team.Photo: Agency


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