Dispute over UML district chairperson in Sunsari

6 October, Biratnagar. In Sunsari, there is a dispute over who is the district chairman of the CPN-UML.

The dispute erupted after the CPN-UML chairperson KP Sharma Oli’s faction did not accept the chairman before the unification between the CPN-UML and the UCPN (Maoist) center.

Revathiraman Bhandari and Ramesh Basnet are the chairpersons of the district as the KP Oli faction has refused to implement the 10-point agreement. Bhandari is on Oli’s side. Similarly, Basnet is in favor of the UML leaders who agreed on 10 points when Madhav Nepal split the party.

Bhandari has issued a statement stating that a meeting of the party secretariat was held on November 19 and various decisions were taken.

Basnet has issued another statement claiming that the secretariat meeting chaired by Bhandari was against the constitution.

In a statement issued on November 19, Basnet and District Inspector Dharmaraj Niraula said that the statement issued by another Bhandari was false.

Basnet has mentioned that he is the official chairman after the implementation of 10 points. It is mentioned in the statement that the inter-party directive 12 issued by the central office on August 29 has directed to implement the 10-point proposal to be implemented in all committees and people’s organizations of the party.

But on Friday, Oli’s central member Tayyab Hussain issued a statement stating that Ramesh Basnet was not the chairman. He mentioned that Revathiraman Bhandari was recognized by the UML central office.

In the past, Basnet has sided with Madhav Nepal within the UML. When Madhav Kumar Nepal formed the new party, he stayed with UML along with Chief Minister Bhim Acharya. But the Oli faction has not accepted him as chairman.

Parallel district committees were formed in Sunsari after December 20. After the dissolution of the parliament by the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, the Oli faction had made Bhandari the chairperson in Sunsari.


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