Dom youngsters dreaming of therapeutic on Diwali

6 October, Mahottari. As Diwali (Tihar) and Chhath festivals are approaching, people in the extremely poor Dom community of Mahottari district are happy in the hope of earning good money.

The Dom Basti, which has been embracing the business of making such items, is now happy as there is a demand for baskets, sticks, hooks, fans and other toys made of bamboo choya during Tihar and Chhath in Mithila region.

In the Dom community, where there is scarcity throughout the year, the desire of the little ones and the desire of the family for sweet food is assured to be fulfilled after Tihar and Chhath. Ramu Marik of Dom Basti near Bhangaha Municipality-5 Siddhapur said, “We hope to fulfill these desires during Diwali and Chhath festivals.”

As Tihar and Chhath are approaching, the demand from the parents of the youngest child of Dom Basti is also increasing day by day. “Daddy, let’s fly dolls on Diwali and Chhath, give us many colorful dolls” There is a demand.

The children of the community who dreamed of flying goodies on Diwali and Chhath seem to be urging their parents to bring sweets to the peers of other communities.

The community, which is completely unaware of the basic needs like education and health, has been living in slums for generations.

For the community, which is mired in extreme poverty and illiteracy, the only source of income is the income from the sale of fire for cremation, the income from the sale of choya items made by collecting bamboo shoots thrown in the crematorium and the income from the main occupation of raising pigs.

He says that since Tihar and Chhath are also celebrated faithfully, these festive items are made with a pure heart by buying new bamboo.

According to the census of 2068 BS, the Dom caste, which has a population of only 1,050 (currently estimated to be around 3,000), is found living in one or two houses at the end of each settlement in the district.

He says that this community, which belongs to the most backward caste community in Madhes, buys new clothes, makes koseli to meet relatives, fulfills the desire of young children and even earns salt oil from the income of Tihar and Chhath till the end of the year. “What shall we do, sir?” When the little ones go to play in the village, they come home and order the same things they see in the hands of the children of the slum dwellers, ”said Marik, a Dalit slum dweller of Loharpatti Municipality-1, Bagda.

The social engineer has commented that the budget programs and speeches addressed by the government for the upliftment of the marginalized caste community, poor and dalits in the country have not reached the slums of the district.

Hiradevi Dahal, a social activist of Bhangaha-4, has said that the upliftment of the backward caste community has not been possible due to lack of effective monitoring of government programs.


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