Lamsung village of Myagdi is at top chance of landslides, all the ward is in darkness

Myagdi: Lamsung village in Dhaulagiri Gaonpalika-2 of Myagdi is at high risk of landslides. The entire ward is in darkness after the power house was washed away by the floods. Four families have been displaced due to a landslide in Darkhola.

Local Bhakta Bahadur Singkija informed that the health post in Lamsung was also at risk of landslide. “Four families have been shifted to safer places after a landslide near their house caused by the floods in Darkhola due to heavy rains a few days ago,” he said.

The families of Bha Bahadur Paija, Gyan Bahadur Paija, Dal Bahadur Rana and Palu Pun have been displaced. Although the landslide of Jugepani in 2074 BS was stopped at the top of Lamsung settlement, the locals are worried after a new landslide was created from below. Locals have said that if the landslide is not controlled immediately, the risk will increase in Lamsung village, which has about 80 households including the ward office. Ward Chairman Gum Prasad BK said that the families at risk have been managed in a safe place and an initiative has been taken for a landslide control plan to prevent further damage.

Similarly, 365 households of Ward No. 2 of Dhaulagiri Village Municipality have been forced to spend the night in darkness after the power house of Darkhola Second Micro Hydropower Project was swept away by the flood on September 7. The canal, dam and power house of Khabang of Darkhola Second Micro Hydropower Project with a capacity of 42 kilowatts have been flooded. Electricity supply to 365 households in Lulang, Khoriya, Merani and Lamsung has been cut off after the project was flooded.

Small industries based on household chores, student education and electric appliances have come to a standstill. There is a need to rely on Tuki and solar energy for lighting. The project was constructed in October, 2076 BS at a cost of Rs. Earlier, the project was shifted to the foot of Mareni after a landslide in Jugepani in July 2072 BS washed away the power house and canal. Lulang is the ward with the largest Dalit community in Myagdi district.


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