Maruti reminded by means of the music

6 October, Baglung.

‘Ramram Maruti
I want your money. ‘

The song, which is spreading in digital media like YouTube and Tiktak, has once again re-established the medicinal plant Maruti in Janjibro.

The new generation who are making videos and ‘sharing’ them on Tikkat must have woken up to find out about Maruti. What is Maruti to some of us? Information may not be available, or may be forgotten.

The song composed by Netra Aryal by singer Khem Century and singer Asmita Adhikari has raised the word Maruti with the same vigor. What exactly is Maruti used in a successful song to earn 5 million views in just three weeks of being made public on YouTube?

According to Ramakanta Sapkota, president of the Ayurveda Society for the Protection of Health, the Panchang of Maruti (roots, stalks, leaves, fruits and flowers) is used in Ayurvedic medicine. He said that Maruti was popularly known as Marhatti and Bhui Timur. “Maruti has a mild pungent, tartro and ramaram taste,” said Sapkota. “It is used in Ayurvedic medicine including Maharashtrian sours.”

He said that the use of Maruti would be beneficial in problems like cough, body ache, toothache, mouth sores and sores. Sapkota said that Ayurvedic medicine made from Maruti also benefits the respiratory and digestive systems.

In the village, it is customary to eat Maruti for stomach ache, toothache, indigestion and cold. Raj Thapa, president of Community Forest Users Federation Baglung, said that Maruti is a multi-purpose plant. “Maruti has both medicinal and spicy properties,” he said. “It is also used in the kitchen to make food delicious.”

When added to pickles and sauces, the maruti adds even more flavor. Apart from Ayurvedic medicine, Maruti can also be used at home. Ayurveda doctors say that it can be eaten in liquid form and can also be treated at home by rubbing leaves / roots on body aches.

According to Thapa, only sporadic maruti plants are found in the rural areas due to lack of commercial farming. He said that the maruti found in the forest is called ‘forest maruti’. She is a little thinner than she is at home. The ayurvedic properties are the same.

Maruti can also be stored by picking and drying on many fruits. When the fruit of Maruti, which looks like a flower at a glance, dries up, new plants grow from it. Sapkota, chairman of Dhanwantari Health Cooperative, said that the farmers’ income would increase if they could cultivate Maruti commercially.

He said that there was a danger of extinction of Maruti without search and protection. Artist Pooja Sharma and Ovi Rayamajhi are starring in the song ‘Ramaram Maruti’ which reminds of beneficial plants. Three years ago, a video of the song was made public on the YouTube channel ‘Ovi Rayamajhi’.


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