Nepal Bar Affiliation has now not demanded the resignation of Leader Justice Jabra, we can meet the following day: Chairman Chandeshwar Shrestha (with video)

“The statement of the former judges’ forum has not come to the Nepal Bar, there is no opinion now.”

Kathmandu, 6 Kartik. Chairman of the Nepal Bar Association Chandeshwar Shrestha has made it clear that they have not yet demanded the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra. “We have not asked for the resignation of the chief justice,” he said. We are still discussing. She is scheduled to meet him tomorrow. After meeting with him, we will focus on the implementation of the report. After discussing with him tomorrow, a meeting of the bar will be held. The question of impeachment is a matter for Parliament.

Speaking in an interview organized by Reporters Club Nepal today (Saturday), Shrestha said that the problem has arisen now as judges have been appointed on the basis of quota in the past. He said, “Judges were not appointed on the basis of the highest qualifications. Judges were appointed on the basis of quota. Since then, we have been saying time and again that this kind of appointment is not right.” As a result, the administration of justice was affected. We have made suggestions for the appointment of judges for the reform of the Judicial Council. We came. ‘

Speaking in an interview conducted under the chairmanship of Rishi Dhamala, the president of the club, he reminded that they have suggested institutionally and personally to ban the middlemen from entering the judiciary. He said that there was a lot of distortion and inconsistency in the court and they were repeatedly saying to stop these things. He said that a committee has been formed under the leadership of Harikrishna Karki to formulate measures and action plan to prevent distortions, anomalies and corruption in the judiciary and it has already given a report. He said, “We gave a report on July 29 for the reform of the judiciary. If the leadership of the judiciary is careful, this report will improve 80 percent.”

He suggested that instead of implementing automatic muscle system and if it would take some time technically to implement the system, all the courts would be set up through raffle system. He also complained that the constituted committee had included it in its report and the Chief Justice had said that it would be implemented but it has not been implemented yet. Chairman Shrestha also said that his organization would not be able to trust the judicial leadership if the Supreme Court’s commitment to implement the report does not come within 15 days.

He reminded that they had heard that the report could not be implemented by Chief Justice Jabra at the interaction program of the National Judicial Academy. Asked how the problem arose, he said: We have said that the judiciary cannot participate in the executive under any circumstances. We warned that if this happened, the executive would have an impact on the courts and the principle of separation of powers would be adversely affected. We made a strong statement on behalf of the bar. The Supreme Court also issued a statement saying that what was reported in the media was not true, but Gajendra Hamal was appointed Minister. He resigned after much opposition. A meeting of the bar was held yesterday. We have reported reforms to end distortions, inconsistencies and corruption, and we have said that they should be implemented. We have asked to implement the report by November 30.

He also reminded that they have been holding the view that Chief Justice Jabra should take special initiative to prevent distortions and inconsistencies. He said, ‘The property details of the judges should be made public. Should be investigated. This is our suggestion. If there is a complaint against the Chief Justice and other judges, there should be a body to hear it from within. If we implement the suggestions given, the problem will be solved.

What is the dispute between the bench and the bar? To the question, he added, “Especially the dispute with the head of the administration of the judiciary is that the situation is not moving towards the implementation of the report. The head of the administration of justice should have thought about resolving the issues that the people have suffered in the situation where there is no preliminary hearing till the 10th month. That has not been done. The practice of rounding up was also supposed to be implemented from September 3, but it has not been implemented till today. Instead, it is wrong for the Chief Justice to say that this cannot be done. ‘ He said they were scheduled to meet the chief justice tomorrow on behalf of the bar. He added that the bar would then release new ideas.

Shrestha also said that Barr had not made any official statement on the issue of the former judges’ forum demanding the resignation of the chief justice. He said, ‘They have given their opinion. The Chief Justice has to decide whether to follow it or not. The statement of the forum has not come to Nepal Bar. We study formally. There is no perception now. ‘


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