Shilpi Theater’s play ‘Large Fish-Small Fish’ began staging

6 October, Biratnagar.

Shilpi Theater has launched a free theater campaign. The artist has started the campaign by staging the play ‘Big Fish-Small Fish’ in Biratnagar on Friday.

The play will be staged at 21 places in Morang, Sunsari and Jhapa of State-1. The play started from Biratnagar and will be staged in Rangeli, Biratchowk, Itahari, Dharan, Inaruwa, Damak, Birtamod, Kakadvitta and other places, said director Ghimire Yuvaraj.

The play powerfully raises the issue of how the political leadership and staff have hurt the public. Similarly, the play has tried to show the arbitrary and financial irregularities taking place in the name of development at the local level. The play highlights the extent to which farmers and workers have suffered from the government, contractors and middlemen.

The play, conceived and directed by Ghimire Yuvaraj, will star Pavitra Khadka, Renuka Karki Dholi, Sabin Kattel, Sangata Uravan, Manhang Lawati, Asim Khanal, Jyoti Pokhrel, Rabin Pariyar, Govindaoli, Jack Baral, Himal Bhujel and Sanjit Thulung Rai. As a spectator, Nepali Congress leader Dr. Leaders of various political parties including Shekhar Koirala, writers, journalists and intellectuals were present.

Director Ghimire informed that the best four poems written based on the play staged by the artist will be awarded Rs 25,000 each. According to him, ‘Big Fish-Small Fish’ will be staged across the country and the poems received after that will be rewarded.

V.S. Established in 2063 BS, Shilpi has been conducting acting training for three months. The artist, who has been staging various plays from time to time at national and international level, has been conducting theater programs in the village.


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