Social Transformation: Ladies elevate corpses to the pier

Tanahu, Oct. 22: Breaking the social norm that her daughter should not carry corpses and perform rituals, a local woman has carried the corpse to Damaulighat, the confluence of the Setimadi River. A woman belonging to the Vedavyas Senior Citizens’ Ashram at Chapaghat in Beas Municipality-5 has carried the body of 86-year-old Jagat Bahadur Adhikari to the Ghat. The woman had carried the body to Damauli Ghat and cremated her.

Chairperson of the ashram Savitra Shrestha said that the women affiliated to the ashram have been carrying the corpses to the ghat alternately after the death of the dependent mother and father to break the previous one-sided belief that daughters should not carry corpses. She said that the woman belonging to the same ashram helped in the funeral according to the ethnic tradition.

Sakuntala Ale, vice-chairperson of the ashram, said that the body was carried to convey the positive message that some people in the society still believe that only the son should carry the body and perform rituals. After the death of 90-year-old Aitumaya Thapa seven years ago, the chairperson of the ashram Shrestha and other women have been carrying the body to the pier for the first time.

So far, five dependents of the ashram have died. The bodies of the deceased have been carried by the women. Nirmala Malla, secretary of the ashram, said that since she was being brought up like her father and mother, she was carried to the pier by her children. In the year 2070 BS, women have been running the ashram of senior citizens for the helpless by collecting donations.


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