There was no dialogue on inquiring for the resignation of the Leader Justice: Chairman Shrestha

6 October, Kathmandu. The Nepal Bar Association said there was no discussion on the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra. Chairman Chandeshwor Shrestha clarified that there was no discussion on whether to ask for the resignation of Chief Justice Jabra or not.

Speaking in an interview program in Kathmandu on Saturday, he said that he had not received any official information about the statement made by the former Justice Forum demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Jabra. Chairman Shrestha also responded that the Chief Justice himself should think about the resignation demanded by the Pre-Justice Forum.

“Even on the basis of their experience yesterday, they have given their views. According to that idea, the statement has come by pointing out whether to follow it or not. He has to think, ‘he said.

Chairman Shrestha said earlier, ‘We are formally studying that. And Bar has no idea about that. We have not entered into the issue of whether to ask for resignation or not.

Chairman Shrestha argued that the court itself had to bear the brunt of the appointment of judges on the basis of quota. He complained that the hearing could not be held even though they had been drawing attention to various issues for the purification of the court. Chairman Shrestha also said that they have been suggesting to stop the entry of intermediaries in the court.


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