UML guides the rustic on the subject of concepts, conduct and behavior: Chairman Oli

Kathmandu, Nov. 22: CPN (UML) Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that the party would be unanimous from the center to the wards to unite the party.

Inaugurating the party’s ward committee at the party’s central office in Thapathali on Saturday, he said that the UML had moved forward in a new way after Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s ‘Prachanda’ party and Madhav Kumar Nepal split in different ways. He said, “There are no major problems within the party now. It’s a pleasure. “

Stating that there have been serious problems within the party for the last one and a half years, Chairman Oli said that the problems have been resolved by themselves after some groups split from the party. “For some time now, the party has been trying to sway internal affairs and encourage the opposition,” he said. . But after leaving some people from the party and forming a separate party, now the party has become one. ”

Stating that the party had to withdraw from the government due to internal and external alliances against the party, Oli said that the party gained more energy after the first legislative general convention unanimously passed the political, organizational and legislative amendment proposal. He demanded the government to provide immediate compensation to the flood and landslide victims.

Stating that the ward committee is a basic committee and a working group of the people’s elected representatives, he said that the ward committee has a special significance as it has to provide services to the people. “These conventions have special significance in terms of ward committee leadership development, efficiency and inclusion,” he said.

Chairman Oli said that UML should guide the country in terms of ideas, behavior and conduct. He said that the party should move forward as a model to fulfill the aspirations of prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalis. “Democracy is what it should be and how it should be practiced,” he said. What should be the role of the state and the organs of the state? It must move forward with the correct interpretation of democracy. ”

Stressing on the need for the party to embrace cleanliness and transparency, Chairman Oli said that the UML would not differentiate between what it says and what it adopts. “We do not consider democracy to be another virtue,” he said. “Democracy is the rule of law. That method and ritual must be followed vigorously. ” He said that there should be fair competition in the democratic system. “Competition should be clean, not unclean. Fraud is not hypocrisy. “Competition should be based on the values ​​of democracy only by making good use of all, not by improperly abusing the organs of the state,” he said.

Stating that the party’s objectives and movement were being attacked from all sides and its flow was aimed at the prosperous future of the nation, Oli claimed that the party was strong everywhere despite the deceptive attacks. “We are in a bigger power than the parliament and one state. We are also big at the local level. Our calculation is number one. Politically, ideologically, we are the biggest party in the country, ”he said. Chairman Oli said that the UML was preparing to bring a majority in the upcoming election.

UML is holding ward committee conventions in about 6,500 wards across the country today to prepare for the National General Convention. Similarly, the local level convention is scheduled to be held on October 25


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