What occurs in the event you fall in your head from the bathroom of a flying aircraft? That is what came about right here

Kathmandu. Incidents that are hard to believe happen in the world from time to time. A similar incident has come out. In fact, a man from Berkshire, west of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, had a strange experience while relaxing in his garden.

Everyone is shocked that human excrement, which was dropped from a plane over the man and across the garden, was scattered indiscriminately. The incident took place in mid-July.

But now, after a discussion at the local level council meeting, the incident has finally come to the fore. Speaking at a meeting of the Royal Borough of Winsor and Maidenheads Aviation Forum, Councilor Karen Davis said she was contacted by a local resident about how she was in the garden, the large umbrella in the garden and how she herself fell into the dunghill.

How did that happen, and do we even have to think about what is going on in the sky now? She also asked. The man reportedly lives in a town called Winsor. The same route takes flights to Heathrow, London’s five-largest airport.

According to Davis, he knows that every year there are cases of snow falling from the plane. But this incident was found to have happened in a very unfortunate way. Another councilor, John Bowden, said: “It was a terrible experience when he was in his garden. Maybe no one else will. ” He has taken it as an event that is likely to happen once in a billion.

He thinks that the warm weather may have caused the excrement to fall down in such a liquid state. The excrement that accumulates in the toilet of the aircraft is collected in a special tank which is emptied after landing.

But international aviation authorities admit that such tank aircraft sometimes leak when they are in the sky. How could BBC Radio Berkshire have such a leak with flight expert Julian Brace? That was asked. “Modern aircraft have vacuum toilets that are very safe and well-closed,” said Braley.

There may be a problem with the vacuum joint between the toilet system and the accumulating tank. ” He adds, “Since different types of pressure develops while the aircraft is in operation, there is a need to create some flexibility so that the sealing area can sometimes not be 100% closed.”

According to him, if the plane reaches 6,000 feet for landing while landing for landing, then the air pressure changes. At the same time, the excrement tank of the plane leaks. Unfortunately, the man was in the garden at the time. And everyone, including the two umbrellas in his garden, got excrement.


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