When she heard that this type of small kid can be an orphan, she broke into the toilet and cried.

Binu KC from Lalitpur was treated in India for breast cancer. Now she has completely conquered cancer. He stayed with his family to win cancer. It would have been very difficult to overcome cancer without the support of the family. It was very difficult to get cancer. Relatives would cry instead of coming home to encourage him.

Her morale would plummet when her relatives cried. Recalling that it was very difficult for such a small child to become an orphan, she went into the bathroom and cried. I had lost three Sanimas to cancer. I was disappointed to be called poor. ”

Fifteen years ago, cancer was said to be death. So Binu wanted to live happily with her baby for as long as she lived. Those who came to see me were ruined. I got cancer at such a young age but there is a God, I was unbearable when I heard the words that God does not make such a small child an orphan.

It was very difficult for me to laugh at that time. KC said that cancer patients need encouragement, not misery. “Our strength is encouragement,” she said.

Similarly, Nepal Cancer Survivor Society President Pramita Khanal also won breast cancer. She also said that cancer patients need encouragement, not kindness. She said that some breasts have been cut off due to breast cancer, adding that breast cancer can be treated by protecting the breasts. She stressed on the need for the state to increase the expenditure on cancer patients. This news is in Gorkhapatra daily.


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