Whilst studying reside information on TV, everybody was once surprised to look what took place all of sudden!

Kathmandu. In the course of live reporting on TV, there are often some surprising things that cannot be easily believed. Then things go viral around the world. A similar incident has come out of the United States. While reading the weather news on TV, there was a sudden commotion.

What happened was that while she was reading the news, an adult video was playing on the screen. The incident happened on a local TV channel in the United States. According to a report in the Daily Mail, a woman was telling the weather to a weather news program on a TV channel, when a weather update was coming on the screen behind her.

The anchor was looking at the newscaster in front of her and the scenes were playing in the background. Meanwhile, while she was giving weather information, instead of a sudden weather scene, an adult video started playing behind her.

Surprisingly, while reading the news, she did not know what was going on behind her. When other people found out about it, the news stopped immediately. But by then it was too late, because people were watching the news live.

When Anchor found out that the adult video was playing while she was reading the news, she was shocked. The video has now been removed. According to reports, viewers were informed by phone that an adult video had been aired on Weather News on TV.

Not only this, many viewers have also lodged a complaint with the police against the channel. Then the matter reached the police. On the other hand, after this whole incident, the channel has apologized to its viewers.

The channel said in a statement that it was working in that direction so that it would never happen again in the future. Efforts are also being made to find out how this happened, the statement said. On the other hand, the police also started investigation into the matter.


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