Aryan Khan stated – I used to be trapped

7 Kartik, Kathmandu.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is currently in jail. The Mumbai-based Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested eight people including him and is taking action against them.

Aryan was arrested from a cruise ship ready for the party. He is currently lodged in the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, though no drugs were found with him. The NCB is taking action by making everyone the same issue.

Aryan’s lawyer has appealed to the Mumbai High Court for bail after his bail was revoked twice. The trial is set to begin on October 26.

In the appeal, Aryan has even accused the NCB of intending to deceive him. “My WhatsApp chat has been brought out in the wrong way,” Aryan said in the appeal.

He has revealed that he knows only two friends named Arbaaz and Achit in the party. Aryan said in the appeal that there was a conspiracy to deceive him and that he had come here for justice.

Recently, the NCB raided Aryan’s house in Mannat. However, nothing has been revealed about what was found there. The NCB has also raided the WhatsApp chat with actress Ananya Pandey. After the raid on Thursday, the NCB called Ananya for questioning and seized his laptop and mobile phone.


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