Birthday celebration management is delaying normal conference: Prakash Guy Singh

October 7, Janakpurdham. Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said that the party’s general convention should be held on time. Speaking to reporters at Janakpur Airport on Sunday, Singh accused the party leadership and office bearers of delaying the convention.

He said that setting the date four times would not be good for the party if the general convention was not held on time. “Can the president and office bearers keep the party in such a state?” Singh said, “We have been forming a committee on the active members without any dispute and without giving them as per the rules and regulations.”

Stating that the party functionaries are playing with active membership to get the result in their favor, he said that it would not be good for the Congress. He said that the process should start from the date of the general convention scheduled for November 25. ‘Is it difficult? An election committee has been formed. The election committee has been procrastinating even though it has said that it will work in the remaining days, ‘he said.

Singh said that the party should run according to the rules and procedures. “To say it is a democratic party and the practice is not even internal in the least?” He asked. Singh said the party had been led by the same class for 100 years and should be disbanded.

He also said that he would be the party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming general convention.


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