‘Capital marketplace has been lowered as deliberate’

Rohan Karki, president of the Independent Capital Markets Association, has claimed that the share market has been reduced as planned.
At an interaction held in Biratnagar on Saturday, Chairman Karki claimed that the regulatory bodies have reduced the share market, which should be run independently, by making policy changes for the benefit of some people.
Karki said that the decline in the stock market was unnatural and would not last long. He urged the investors to make a prudent decision to buy and sell shares as the stock market would rise at an explosive pace at any time. “People in the capital market should not panic as soon as it declines,” Karki said. “This decline will not last long.”
Karki remarked that the staff administration and regulatory bodies were the main obstacle in the development of the capital market. Karki said that they are creating pressure for a stable policy system to improve the share market. He mentioned that the policy that will change in three months is hindering the development and expansion of the share market.
Independent Capital Markets Association has formed state level committees in state-1 and has also formed Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari and Biratnagar metropolitan level committees, said Ganesh Dangal, president of Independent Capital Market Association state-1. He said that the association would expand the committee in all the districts, metropolises and metropolises of state-1. The number of share investors in Nepal has been increasing rapidly for some years now.
Currently, more than 4.6 million demat accounts have been opened. In the last preliminary evictions, more than 2.5 million people have started filing IPOs. Along with the primary, the number of people entering the secondary market is also increasing.


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