Kids are being given diet A and parasite medication

7 October, Kathmandu. The government is providing free vitamin A and anti-parasitic drugs to children from today.

Children from 6 months to 5 years are being given Vitamin A and those from 1 to 5 years are being given both Vitamin A and anti-parasitic drugs.

The Ministry of Health has urged the parents to go to the appropriate vaccination center or ward office and give vitamin A and parasite medicine to the children. Those who missed the meal today can be fed tomorrow.

The government has been feeding vitamin A and parasite medicine to children in two phases every year under the National Vitamin A Program.

Vitamin A and parasite medicine have always been given on 3rd and 4th of October. Earlier, in the first phase, vitamin A and parasite medicine were given on April 22 and 23.

The government has been running Vitamin A program since 2050 BS to reduce the risk of health complications and malnutrition in children from 6 months to 59 months. The worm medicine has been given since 2056 BS.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 25,000 health workers and 52,000 women health volunteers have been mobilized to run the national vitamin A program.


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