Seventy % of South Koreans have won a complete vaccination in opposition to the coronavirus

7 Kartik, Agency.

More than 70 percent of South Koreans are fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

A statement from the South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Authority said on Saturday that more than 70 percent had been vaccinated. Government officials say that number could rise to 85 percent by next week.

The government has said it will continue to take some precautionary measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading again. In some cases, the belief that “let’s learn to live with Corona” has also been called for. Officials have said that a separate campaign is being prepared for that.

Officials say the government plans to prioritize additional vaccination campaigns.

A vaccination campaign against coronavirus has been underway in South Korea since last February. According to government officials, another 1,508 people were infected with the coronavirus in South Korea on Saturday alone.

More than 350,000 people have been infected in South Korea since the epidemic began, and more than 2,700 have died. ANI


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