Swami Srinishchalananda is coming to Nepal nowadays

Kathmandu, Kartik 7. Shankaracharya Swami Srinishchalananda of Govardhan Math in Jagannathpuri is coming to Nepal today to address the Dharmasabha to be organized in Bhairahawa. Shankaracharya is coming to Nepal to participate in the Dharmasabha to be held at Mahendra Sabha House in Bhairahawa.

Dharmasabha is being organized with the aim of restoring the identity of Sanatan Hindu religion in the constitution of Nepal in order to maintain the characteristics, identity and respect of Sanatan Omkar family including Vedic, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Kirat and Bon.

It is stated that the Dharmasabha has been organized in connection with the World Omkar Ekta Maha Abhiyan, united for the protection of the nation, nationality, religion and self-culture in order to maintain unity among all the Omkar families.


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