T20 International Cup: conflict between India and Pakistan nowadays

7 October, Kathmandu. Two matches are being played today under the ongoing ICC T20 Cricket World Cup in the UAE. In which all the four teams are from South Asia. The long awaited clash between India and Pakistan is taking place today.

India, which is also the host, is starting the World Cup by playing Pakistan in the first match of the Super 12.

Due to the Corona epidemic, the World Cup in India was played in UAE and Oman. Oman had a group stage match in the first round.

After the Super 12, all the games are being played in three grounds of UAE.

The match between India and Pakistan in Group 2 of Super 12 will start at 8:15 pm Nepali time in Dubai.

It makes a lot of sense when India and Pakistan take to the cricket field. India and Pakistan have long had political tensions. Its impact is also evident in the sports sector.

So even on the cricket field, they fight like they do. The effect of which has been seen even in the sports field.

This game is seen not only as a victory and a hand but also as a battle of prestige.

The two teams are playing for the first time since the 2019 ODI World Cup. In T20, the two teams met in the 2016 World Cup. India had won both the games.

Before the match between India and Pakistan, there will be competition between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in Group 1. The game will start at 4:15 pm in Sharjah.


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