The transaction quantity additionally higher at the side of the Nepse indicator

The transaction amount also increased along with the Nepse indicator

November 26, 2078 15:38 VikasNews

Kathmandu. The stock market has risen by double digits on Sunday. The NEPSE index, which has been on the rise since the start of trading, closed at 27.51 points.

The overall share turnover measure Nepse index has increased by 1.08 percent and reached 2584.52 points. Similarly, the Sensitive Index, which measures Class A shares, also rose by 7.24 points to 490.68.

Share trading has also increased along with the indicator. Shares worth Rs 2.63 billion were traded in the market last Thursday, while shares worth Rs 2.77 billion were traded on Sunday. A total of 58.18 million shares of 225 companies have been bought and sold in the regular trading.

Out of which, shares of ICFC Finance have been traded the most. Shares worth Rs 159.1 million have been traded on the same day. Its last traded at Rs 709 per quintal. Similarly, NIC Asia Bank is the second most traded company. Shares of the bank worth Rs 93.5 million have been traded.

Except for the trading group on Sunday, all the groups that came into business looked green. The most productive group has increased by 105 points. Trading group declined by 32.47 points.

In the double-digit market, the share prices of the two companies have gone up. The share price of Best Finance and Reedy Hydropower Development Company has risen by 10/10 percent to Rs 441 and Rs 680 per share, respectively.

On Sunday, the share price of my microfinance financial institution fell by 10 percent. The company’s share price fell 10 percent, or Rs 169.50, to Rs 1,525.60 per share.


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