There is not any immoral dating with Friend Shah, the nature is attempting to kill: the reviewing officer

Kathmandu, Kartik 7. The singer’s reviewing officer has recently opened her mouth about the news related to the protagonist Pal Shah. Stating that she has paid serious attention to the news related to Nayak Shah, she has refuted the news. Through the social network Facebook, she has claimed that the content in the news is an attempt to kill her character.

He said that such material was also used to inflame Nayak Shah’s career. ‘Being in the same industry, Paul loves me as a parent, the love he loves all his colleagues and will continue to do.

You protect my art and ability. I am always a fan of him. ‘ “There is no immoral relationship between us and we are only working together,” she wrote on Facebook. I am very saddened that even the elders and veteran guardians of journalism, who are considered as the fourth organ of the nation, write news in such a way that it is a loss of dignity and character assassination.


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