Turkish President instructs 10 ambassadors, together with US, to claim ‘Personality Nun Grata’

Agency, October 7. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is preparing to expel 10 ambassadors to the West, including the United States. President Erdoोगan has declared the ambassadors of the United States, Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden as “Person Non Greta”. It is a diplomatic term according to which the head of state or government of a country disqualifies an ambassador from the embassy of the country concerned after declaring him or her an ambassador. President Taipei issued the order to the Foreign Ministry after the envoys issued a statement calling for the immediate release of activist Osman Kawala. Persona non grata can remove legitimate diplomatic status and often result in expulsion or revocation of ambassadors’ recognition.

Earlier, the ambassadors of ten countries to Turkey issued a joint statement demanding the immediate release of Osman Kavala. Kavala has been in jail for four years on charges of protesting against the government and attempted coup. However, none of the allegations against him have been substantiated, nor has the court found him guilty. The European Union’s human rights body, the Council of Europe, has issued a final warning to comply with the European Court of Human Rights’ order to release Kavala.

Addressing a group on Saturday, Erdogan said ambassadors without diplomatic status could not reach the Foreign Ministry and issue orders. He said, “I have given necessary instructions to the Ministry of External Affairs. 10 Ambassadors have been declared Prasanna Nun Greta. You can leave the country immediately. ‘ Turkish media quoted President Erdoan as saying that the envoys should either understand Turkey or leave. The embassies said they had not received any official information.Photo: Agency


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