UCPN (M) makes a decision to not quit energy in Karnali to Congress

October 7, Surkhet. The CPN (Maoist Center) has decided not to hand over power to the Nepali Congress in Karnali. An extended meeting of the state office held on Saturday has decided to allow the state government led by Mahendra Bahadur Shahi to work full time.

“The extended meeting that started on Friday has ended on Saturday. Everyone has a common understanding about the state government. This government has done a good job, maintaining stability in the state and it has been decided to continue this government for five years, ‘a central member who participated in the meeting told online news.

While giving a vote of confidence to Chief Minister Shahi, an 11-point agreement was reached between the Nepali Congress, UCPN (M) and the then UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal’s group (now Unified Socialists) on April 20.

It was agreed that Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, the leader of the Congress parliamentary party, would lead the government within six months after the three UML MPs who had crossed the floor became ministers.

After the floor-cross, UML dismissed MPs Amar Bahadur Thapa, Kurmaraj Shahi and Nanda Singh Budha from the post on April 19. All three were re-appointed as non-MPs on April 30. His term is coming to an end on October 30.

After that, the Congress has said that it will claim the leadership of the government as per the previous agreement, but Chief Minister Shahi has said that he will not implement the agreement and will be leading the state government for the rest of the term.

On the proposal of Chief Minister Shahi, the extended meeting decided to urge the party’s central chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda to reach a consensus among the coalition parties to allow the current government to work full time.

Shakti Bahadur Basnet, Karnali state in-charge of the UCPN (Maoist) said that the leadership could be handed over only after a separate agreement was reached between the coalition parties at the center. “Now there is a coalition government. When there was an agreement in Karnali, there was no coalition at the center. We will implement whatever decision is taken at the center between the coalition parties, ‘he said.

In-charge Basnet said that discussions are underway among the top leaders on who will lead in which states and it will be finalized soon.

The next game goes against the understanding: Jeevan Shahi

Congress Karnali parliamentary party leader Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, who is waiting to become the chief minister, said that the party would not support the UCPN (M) if it went against the written agreement on April 20.

He argues that the Centre’s directive will not change the agreement reached in Karnali. “We did not reach an understanding under the direction of the Center yesterday. An agreement was reached between the Chief Minister, Prakash Jwala and me at the state level on April 20, ‘Shahi told Online Khabar. The center has nothing to do with us. ‘

Leader Shahi said that the agreement reached in Karnali was the foundation of the central alliance and should be implemented literally. “The understanding we have reached in Karnali has created an atmosphere of alliance at the center, so the written understanding between us should be implemented literally,” he said.

He further added, “October 15 is the month, now whatever the center does, it will not touch us.” If you are dishonest in the written agreement, we will be forced to think, then another game will start in the state, ‘said leader Shahi.

Three ministers are leaving on October 30

Three ministers in the Karnali state government are scheduled to take leave by October 30.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development Amar Bahadur Thapa, Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Nanda Singh Budha and Minister for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives Kurmaraj Shahi, who have become independent ministers on behalf of the CPN-Unified Socialist Party, will leave on November 30.

According to the constitutional provision, a person who is not a member of parliament can become a minister only for six months. All three had crossed the floor on April 19 and given a vote of confidence to Chief Minister Shahi.

He was a member of the then UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal group (now Unified Socialist) and was made an independent minister on 15 April after the party took action against him. His term is coming to an end on October 30.

With the departure of three ministers, Chief Minister Shahi has made final preparations to select a new minister. Sources close to the chief minister claim that at least five ministers will be added in Karnali if the royalty continues.

CPN-Samajwadi Party MPs Padam Rokay and Chantra Bahadur Shahi are the main contenders for the ministerial post while MP Devi Oli is also on the line to become a minister.
“At least five new ministers will be added, three from the Congress, three from the UCPN (Maoist) and two from the Socialists,” said a source close to the chief minister.

This is arithmetic in the state assembly

In the 35-member Karnali Provincial Assembly, there are 13 MPs including UML Speaker, 12 from UCPN-M, 6 from Congress, 3 from UCPN-M and 1 from RPP.
At present, there is a coalition government of the Congress, the UCPN (M) and the Unified Socialists led by Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, the leader of the UCPN (M) Central Parliamentary Party.


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