When the management is interested by a grimy sport, questions are being raised in regards to the Congress: Prakash Guy Singh

Kathmandu, 7 October. Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said that the question of illegality has started to arise against the Congress when the leadership level is involved in the dirty game of favoring the party structure. Speaking at a press meet organized by the Nepal Press Union in Janakpur today, Singh accused the party of becoming illegal due to the incompetence of the president and office bearers elected from the 13th General Convention.

He said that it was extreme incompetence and negligence of the leadership not to terminate the active membership of some districts after the general convention of some districts. Saying that the date has been changed four times by the officials taking the General Convention very lightly, Singh warned that the date will not be postponed under any circumstances. He stressed that the Central General Convention should be held on November 25.
Stating that the dispute over active membership was escalating which was not happening for the sake of his own interests, he urged the leadership to hand over the list of active members to the Election Committee immediately.

Expressing his determination to quit as the presidential candidate in the 14th General Convention, Singh said, “The General Convention has started. What is the way not to give active members?” It’s all a game to get the result in your favor. ‘

Warning that it would not be tolerated if the General Convention was taken as a sportsperson, Singh said, “There is a need for a change of leadership in the 14th General Convention. I am immersed in the campaign of the president. ‘ Stating that he has a one-sided campaign to institutionalize the party, Ujjal said, “The factional concept of A-Congress, B-Congress should be abolished.” My goal is to form a party that follows the rules and regulations. ‘

Speaking on a different occasion, Singh said that the Communists had started attacking the system due to the weakness of the Congress leadership. In any case, the Congress should convene the general convention and conduct the parliament and assess the national politics and move forward according to the developed situation.

He also said that the issues of Madhes including citizenship should be resolved immediately by following the legal process. Leader Singh reached Janakpur today while attending a program organized in Mahottari today. Leader Singh is accompanied by Congress central members Ram Krishna Yadav and Kiran Yadav.


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