After refusing to sleep with the filmmaker, she was once got rid of from the movie

Kathmandu. Bollywood actress Isha Gupta made her acting debut with Imran Hashmi in the film ‘Jannat-2’. After that, actress Isha had acted in films like ‘Raj 3D’, ‘Humshakl’, ‘Rustam’, ‘Paltan’ and ‘Badshahon’. Actress Isha Gupta, who has been active in the film industry for a long time, has revealed the ‘dark secret’ of the Bollywood industry in a conversation with Bollywood Bubble. In an interview, actress Isha said, “A producer wanted to take me out of the film because I refused to sleep with the producer.

She shared a room with a makeup artist
Actress Isha said, ‘At that time, I used to sleep by sharing a room with a make-up artist. I’m scared, I can’t sleep here alone, I made an excuse. ‘ He added, “There was a creator, not a ghost, who used to do scary things. No one knew when he would be fired. He thought I needed to work. ‘

With the director giving
‘I also saw the dirty face of such a person. While the shooting of the film was going on, the producer came and said that he would not work with me. I had even shot the film for four or five days. “I refused to sleep with the producer after he said that,” she said. However, the director of the film stood by actress Isha and supported her. She said, “In this process, the director stood by me, and the producer refused.”


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