Elijah Gautam purchased a automotive value part a crore, a present from her mom, why did she say this to Rishi Dhamala? (With video)

Nepali film actress Elijah Gautam has bought Nexon’s new car as her own driver. Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. Senior Sales Officer Arjun Prasad Upreti welcomed and handed over the car keys to the heroine Elijah Gautam on behalf of the company.

Some time ago, she had settled in Canada. Elijah, who had just returned to Nepal, had bought a new Nexon car worth Rs 5 million with her mother and herself. Lately, she has been more prominent in music videos. Some time ago, she stepped into this field by singing half a hair song. .

While she was in the news, she canceled about two dozen music videos and arrived in Canada. In Canada, she was living and working with her parents. He said that he bought the car with the money he earned by playing music videos.

Saying that she has always been with the sage Dhamla and that she has come to this place because of her work at all times, Elijah said that her interest was encouraged by her husband’s support. .
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