Greater than 30 instances of violence in opposition to reporters registered in Afghanistan

November 11: More than 30 incidents of violence against journalists have been reported in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power, local media reported, citing the Press Association. “The National Association of Journalists of Afghanistan has released a general assessment of the situation of journalists.

There are more than 30 incidents of violence against journalists, ”said Masroor Lufti, head of the union. “About 90 percent of these incidents are linked to the Taliban,” Lufti was quoted as saying by Afghan Tolo News Media. According to an Afghan broadcaster, the journalists called on the Taliban to ensure the safety of journalists and access to information.

Meanwhile, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Syed Khosti sought to reassure reporters by briefing them on the government’s security measures. The minister has given more confidence by quoting some criminals arrested for such crimes. Last month, the Taliban reportedly arrested several Afghan journalists targeting protests in Kabul.

Meanwhile, the country’s journalists’ union has called for support for Afghanistan’s media and for freedom of the press. He called on the authorities of the Islamic Emirate to take further steps to address the problems faced by journalists.Photo: Agency


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