License software closed in two days, now filling the shape in June

11 October, Kathmandu. Within two days of opening, the application system for the driver’s license of the Department of Transportation Management has been closed. The online application system of the Department of Transportation Management, which has been closed since April 29 due to the epidemic, was reopened on Monday night.

Although it is said that the form can be filled regularly, the service recipients have expressed their grief saying that the system has been shut down.

Department sources, however, said that the system was shut down due to technical reasons. The department had set an ‘appointment’ date for the recipients months after the quota of licensing offices was set to apply on a daily basis.

Accordingly, those who filled the form now were getting an ‘appointment’ date till July 2079. An appointment date of June 21, 2022 has been given to a service recipient who filled the form on Thursday morning to get a license from the Jagati office in Bhaktapur. It is estimated that the date given by the transport office, which is more congested including Ekantakuna, may have reached even later.

The department claims that the new applicants will now take the exam according to the score system. Arrangement has been made to ask 25 questions of 4/4 marks in the written examination. The weight of those questions will be one hundred. According to the new provision, 60 marks will have to be brought in the written examination. As per the new guideline, the department has made public a collection of 500 objective questions for the examination. Questions will be asked from within that.

According to the new arrangement, the Department of Transport Management will now implement a score-based examination system for licenses. Currently, even if you make the same mistake in an experimental exam, you will not be able to get a license. However, in the new directory, different stages of the trial have been given different points and if you bring 70 points, you will be eligible to get a license. That is, even if you make a simple mistake, you should not be deprived of getting a license.

However, after the application system was closed, the service recipients who were applying for the license have been in trouble.


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