Listed here are some house treatments to make white hair black simply

Agency, October 11. Lately, the number of people with gray hair is increasing even though they are young. The problem nowadays is that most of the people’s hair is gray.

Here are some home remedies to make white hair black easily

1. In Nepal Tongueful Known as Hibiscus flowersSome of the nutrients in hair make hair healthy and also prevent it from turning white. Grinding this flower and applying it on the hair is very beneficial.

2. कलौजीः Be it oil or paste. Both eliminate the problem of white hair. Therefore, make a paste by mixing a small amount of kaloji with water and apply it well on the hair. Leave it for 1 hour and clean it with pure water.

3. Fenugreek Sanjibani is an herb to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair and eliminate the problem of white hair. For this, mix Ghu Kumari juice in fenugreek powder and make a paste, apply it before going to bed at night and wash it in the morning.

4th Mehndi: The use of henna makes hair shiny. It also covers white hair. For this, make a paste by mixing mehndi leaves and coconut oil and apply it on the scalp and leave it overnight and wash it in the morning.

5. Karipatah The nutrients in curry leaves are very beneficial for the health of our hair. Mix curry leaves with coconut leaves and leave for 4-5 hours and then apply on hair. Even after applying the oil, try to keep it for at least 3-4 hours. And should be washed later.


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